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Reclaimed Reeded Glass Internal Or External Door 1975 or 1969 x 840mm

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Reclaimed Reeded Glass Internal Or External Door 1969 or 1975 x 840mm

A beautiful internal or external door with reeded glass.
There is a hairline crack within the reeded glass in the corner of the frame.
It will be fine to use as its in the top corner of the door.
The distance between each reed within the glass is 1.3cm.
The door has been trimmed in order for it to fit a door frame. 
But when it was trimmed it was not straight as one side is higher than the other side. 
The dimensions of the wooden door is as follows,
1975mm = Height on the left side
1969mm = Height on the right side 
840mm = Width
49mm = Thickness
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