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Reclaimed Old Wooden Bespoke Hardwood Front Door 1956 or 1960mm x 755mm

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Reclaimed Old Wooden Bespoke 
Hardwood Front Door 1956 or 1960 x 755mm

A reclaimed bespoke hardwood old door with beautiful embossed panels.
The door has a also rare copper and brass door knocker and letterbox. 
The door has a lip at the bottom, this was the way the door was crafted in order to fit the door frame.
The door has been trimmed in order for it to fit a door frame. But when it was trimmed it was not straight as one side is higher than the other side. 
Please view detailed photos for condition report.
The dimensions of the door is as follows,
1960mm = Height on the left side of the door without lip
1956mm = Height on the right side of the door without lip
1970mm = Height of the door with lip
755mm = Width
43mm = Thickness
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