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Reclaimed Old Bespoke Wooden Panel Front Door 2030 Or 2020 x 815 or 825mm

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2030 Or 2020 x 815mm Or 825mm

A beautiful reclaimed front door with Double Glazed stained Glass panels.
The Double Glazed stained glass panels is all intact.
The door has a lip on the side of which you can trim off,
 or use it within your existing frame.
Also within this lip you can see a metal long strip that is part of a locking mechanism.
You can unscrew the metal strip if you wish as i DON'T have the KEY.
The bottom of the door was crafted with a lip when it was made.
So below are dimensions with the lip and without.
The door is VERY HEAVY.
Please view detailed photo for condition report.
The dimension of the door is as follows,
2020mm = Height without lip on front side of door
2030mm = Height with lip on reverse side of door
815mm = Width of the door without side lip
825mm = Width of the door with side lip
60mm = Thickness
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