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Reclaimed Old Arts and Crafts Victorian Wooden Front Door 2075 x 860 or 850mm

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2075 x 860 Or 850mm

A beautiful reclaimed Arts and Craft front door with intricate beading.
The artic glass panels is all intact.
The door has beautiful features as it has large embossed beaded panels.
On the reverse side of the door it has a board that was placed onto it.
When you are the new owner of the door,
 you may wish to remove the backing board on the reverse side.
Or you may keep it as you want to use it for an ART PROJECT, due to the fabulous features on the front side of the door which is RARE. 
Please view detailed photo for condition report.
The width of the door has two different measurements at the top and bottom,
 due to fitting an existing frame
The dimension of the door is as follows,
2075mm = Height of the door
860mm = Width at the top of the door
850mm = Width at the bottom of the door
50mm = Thickness with the back board
55mm = Thickness without the back board
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