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Reclaimed French Single Panel Glass Wooden Double Doors 2093 x 593 2095 x 608mm

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Reclaimed Old French Single Panel Glass Wooden Double Doors 
2093 x 593mm 2095 x 608mm
2093 OR 2095mm x 1201mm

Reclaimed French single glass panel double doors.
They don't have an inter-locking lip in order to joined together, but they were used as double french doors.
The glass panels are all intact.
There is slight difference in the size of each door. 
Please view detailed photos for condition report.
The dimensions of the french door is as follows,
2093mm = Height of Door
593mm = Width of Door
2095mm = Height of Door
608mm = Width of Door
1201mm = Width of Double Doors when joined together
48mm = Thickness of door
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