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Reclaimed Edwardian Oak Wooden Panel Front Door Side Panel Sunrise Stained Glass

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Reclaimed Victorian Edwardian Oak Wooden Panel External Front Door 2075 x 865mm
With Side Panels And Sunrise Stained Glass

A beautiful reclaimed door of which is in good condition.
The door material is made out of OAK.
The door is very heavy.
The stained glass panel within the door is all intact and has a beautiful SUNRISE design.
One of the side stained glass panels has a hairline crack.
Also at the bottom side of the door it is WARPED. You can fix this problem by placing a bolt on the reverse side of the door and bolt it when closed. Do this for TWO-THREE MONTHS and the door would go back into shape within the door frame.
PLEASE view the LAST PHOTO where i show a detailed view. 
Please view detailed photos for condition report.

The dimensions of the door is as follows,
2130mm = Height 
905mm = Width
50mm = Thickness

The dimensions of the sunrise side stained glass panels is as follows,
965mm = Height 
260mm = Width

965mm = Height 
260mm = Width
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