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Reclaimed Art Deco Leaded Glass Arts Craft Internal Door 2055 or 2065 x 677mm

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Reclaimed Art Deco Leaded Glass Arts And Craft Internal Door 
2055 or 2065 x 677mm

A beautiful art deco or arts and crafts internal door with leaded glass.
The door has beautiful beading.
The leaded glass is all intact.
The leaded glass comes in panels. 
So there are eight panels within the door.
I have added an additional three spare leaded glass panels,
 for you to use in case of future cracks within the glass.
These door were made exceptionally different due to the way the glass panels were constructed and the beading intricate.

The door has been trimmed in order for it to fit a door frame. But when it was trimmed it was not straight as one side is higher than the other side. 
The dimensions of the wooden door is as follows,
2055mm = Height left hand side
2065mm = Height right hand side
677mm = Width
50mm = Thickness
The distance between each reed within the glass is 2cm

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