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Pair Of Modern Georgian Bespoke Wooden 10 Panel Window 890 x 1205 850 x 1205mm

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Pair Of Georgian Bespoke Wooden 10 Panel Window 
895 x 1210 860 x 1210mm

Pair of bespoke wooden windows that have never been used i have showed you them shrink wrapped before unwrapping them to take photos of the windows.
The windows still does have a few defects for example chipped wood but otherwise in good condition.
The glass panels are all intact. 
The glass panels are toughened glass like double glazed as within each glass panel there is a Double Glazed Kite mark symbol.
Please view detailed photos for condition report.

The dimension of the window are as follows,

1205mm = Width
890mm = Height (with sash legs)
815mm = Height (without sash legs)
47mm = Thickness

1205mm = Width
850mm = Height
47mm = Thickness
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